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compare rosesNaomi Rose

The ‘Naomi’ is the ultimate red rose, with its extra large head, velvety petals, subtle scent and long life you can’t go wrong with this rose. She is also the only large flower-head red rose with a subtle scent.

Stem length: 70-80cm
Bloom size: 10-13cm
Vase life: Long
Scented: Yes

Freedom Rose

The freedom red rose is the most widely produced rose from South America. It is classed as medium grade rose giving good value for money. This rose is usually sold by the relay company's such as Interflora or higher grade supermarkets.

Stem length: 60-70cm
Bloom size: 5-6cm
Vase life: Long
Scented: No

Upper Class Rose

This rose is classed as a slightly lower quality rose and should come in slightly cheaper than the Freedom rose.

Stem length: 50-60cm
Bloom size: 3-4cm
Vase life: Long
Scented: No

Red Ribbon/Sweetheart Rose

This Petite rose compared to the other varieties. These are usually the budget ranges sold by most supermarkets and are perfect in large quantities bouquets because of their small head size.

Stem length: 30-40cm
Bloom size: 1-2cm
Vase life: Medium
Scented: No